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Review: Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing and Anti-aging Device

Today's post is going to be a review on the  Foreo Luna which I just got it last December. Although it was just less than a month of me using it, but I believe that I am already eligible to talk about it briefly and also give you guys more information about it for those who have been contemplating on whether to get this devise or not.

Just like anybody else who are obsessed with skincare, I used to have the Clarisonic on my wishlist for years but just wouldn't dare to get my hands on them because of the price and also the maintenance of it is fairly high. This is because we are advisable to change the brush every 3 months which I considered it as a unnecessary burden and a waste of money because what I look into in buying something is that it must be suitable for long term use. 

Foreo Great Bargain:
I was hyped when Foreo came out, but I still did not get myself into buying it, still because of the price. However, lucky me, I got my own Foreo Luna during the holiday season last year in Sephora for only RM548 (originally RM780), which is a bargain. *thx to Emily from Sephora for finding out the deal for me. I got it in a set which includes 2 cleansers which are the Day Cleanser and the Night Cleanser which I have yet to try. 

The Reason Why I Choose Foreo:
I decided to choose Foreo compare to the Clarisonic because there are so many different generations of Clarisonic which they have a huge difference compared to one generation to another while the difference between the Foreo that I got which is Luna 1st generation is not much difference from the newest generation which you can find it on their website,  they worked almost the same just that the 2nd generation Luna comes with different brush type for tailor made experience. Also, Foreo is made out of silicone which you only have to use their silicone cleansing spray (here) which is just RM40+ and you only have to cleanse it once a week unless you wear makeups, then you have to clean it overtime after you finish using your Foreo devise. The devise can last for at least 5 years, while the brush comes with 2 years warranty and the 10 years of quality guarantee. One of the best part of using a Foreo devise is that you don't have to charge it every single time before using it because one charge can last you for about half a year or 450 times of usage (per charge), which is very convenient. It also comes with a travelling pouch

Gentle Exfoliator:

"The Luna facial cleansing and anti-aging device channels T-sonic pulsations for gentle exfoliation that's designed for everyday use while also incorporating anti-agin technology into its groundbreaking design. "

It is suitable for sensitive skin because it is more gentle compared to the Clarisonic devices as some people might experience dryness of skin and intense break out after using it, that is why it is advisable to be used once or twice a week for intense exfoliation while Foreo devices silicone cleansing brush enables it to give effective deep cleaning while remains gentle on the skin. You just have to move the devise all around your face really gently and it has a timer on every single part of your face which it will stop vibration for a second which indicates that its time to change it to other part of your face. The tip of the devise which has bigger silicone brushes is to aim especially for blackheads problem on your nose. 

Cleanliness / Hygiene: 
You don't have to worry about the cleanliness of the brush or dirty residues that will stuck on it or bacteria build-up because this devise dries up so fast. You just have to rinse it with water after using it and dry it up by just using a clean cloth. Also, clean it by using the silicone cleansing spray. 

Anti-aging Mode:

At the back of the devise is where the anti-aging miracle happens. 

"The Luna directs lower-frequency pulsations though its anti-aging surface of concentric silicone ridges directly onto wrinkle-prone areas, smoothing and firming the appearance of the skin. "

The anti-aging part is used after your skincare routine, which is after applying the moisturiser. Just place it on the parts where wrinkles might appear for a total of 1 minute and you are done.

I would highly recommend you to get this devise if you are searching for a devise like this and willing to invest such thing in your skincare routine because your skin will thank you in the long run.  And I consider it as a great investment because it has delayed the period of time for my appointment with my beautician. I used to visit there almost once every 3 months but I've delayed it for about 4 months previously and my blackheads got worse which is when I decided to invest in this devise, it had reduce my blackheads problem which I've delayed my visit to my beautician for almost 5 months now. 

And if you guys are interested in my newest Skincare Routine for Combination Skin, check it out on my youtube channel (here).  

Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing and Anti-aging Device (here) / Silicone Cleansing Spray (here)
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  1. I've heard a lot of people mention this Foreo device, so I may have to give it a go! xx adaatude.com

    1. Yasss!!! You should!!! 😁✌🏻️

  2. It sounds amazing! Thanks for the review!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    1. Hope this is helpful for you :)