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A Message to Essena O'neill and Everyone

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A couple of days ago, I saw a video about a girl, Essena O'neill (here), who is claiming that social media is fake, that she's quitting all her social medias because she was feeling miserable even though she claims to have everything and that she's on top of the high peak of success. At first, I was amazed by how brave she is to make that decision at just the age of 18. Like, what would I do if it was me. I would never do that because I'm on my social media every single day. Just imagine that she has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, which is now even more after her video went viral, I would never close my accounts if I have that many followers, even now which I have only a few hundreds of followers, I would never do that because I put a lot of efforts on all of my blog posts, my pictures and they are all memories and achievement of my own. However, after deep thoughts, I was thinking that she had made a mistake. In fact, a big one.

Do you know that, without social media, one's life will never be the same. Can you imagine that all the huge youtubers now including Bethany Mota who now has over 9 million subscribers, one of the huge YouTube sensation - Tyler Oakley who has over 7 million subscriber and had a chance to meet the President of the United States, Louise from Sprinkle go Glitter (over 2 million subscribers) who were being bullied before. Imagine how their life would be without social medias which includes YouTube? Would they still be the same person as they are now? They might be suffering from depression from being bullied, they might not know how to handle their suffers and life, they might not have the chance to meet other amazing people including their friends from social media and the supports and love they get from their loyal subscribers and fans. Without social media, they would not have connected to so many people around the world and share their own stories to inspire people that when there's a will, there's a way, and that not everything is permanent,  things will change and it will be better, our darkest moment will just go away and be a history in our lives.

What Essena had claimed is that people on social media are not real, which means fake, that she herself had been faking up about her posts the whole time, and it was frustrating for her to always have to make sure that everything is perfect, that caused her to missed enjoying her everyday life as a normal person. As for my experience as a normal human being, I never wanted my photos to be ugly. Of course I would choose the best photos that I've taken to share it to the world. Would you choose an ugly photo of yourself to be posted up on Instagram or Facebook? Of course not. Nobody wants that, but does that mean that we are fake? No, it does not. What makes a human fake is their own personality, being a two-faced who try to be good and sincere to others but has the intention to bring them down, that is called fake. 

She also said that she had been comparing herself to other models who have the perfect bodies. She said that she was obsessed with the comparison until she measured her waist from time to time and wished that she was just like them. I know that is not very healthy but she shouldn't have said that social media is ruining our life because that is just her own personality problem that she was being caught up to be perfect. Everybody wants to be perfect, we all love to follow those famous bloggers who take beautiful pictures, who have beautiful bodies, who always post their perfect life. But do you know that all those pictures have made people try to improve themselves to be better? With all these influencers, people will try to look like them, improve their photo taking skills to take pictures like them, to be happier to live like them. In the mean time, isn't that a kind of improvement of ourselves? With all these fitness bloggers, all these vegan bloggers or instagrammers who live a healthy lifestyle, who eat healthily, who always post these amazing pictures of themselves working out, what they eat on daily basis including being a vegan and eat healthy food, they have helped a lot of people in a good way. They have encouraged people to eat healthily and to stay healthy, and of course these are all benefits. Staying healthy will never ruin people's life unless they are obsessed on being skinny. Without theses bloggers, it would be so hard to us to stay motivated to be exercising, or to start to be a vegan/vegetarian or even stay as a vegan or stay healthy. 

Of course she has her points that we as a human being, it is very easy for us to being caught up at something. We would complaint that why are we not looking a certain way, why are we not perfect like them, but we should never say that its the problem of social media, that social media had made us to be like that. That is our own problem, that is our own thoughts that ruin ourselves. That is why we should change the way we think, we should celebrate how everybody looks including ourselves, not by complaining but start improving ourselves. Thats the only healthy way for us to be staying in the world of social media. 

What I would like to say to Essena (also applicable to every single one of us) is that I watched the respond video from Nina and Randa, and if it was me, I would be really hurt for a friend who was staying with me for a holiday and then just make a video like this saying that everyone around you was forced to be faked on social media and are miserable. If it was me, I would have done that video as well because people needs to know both side of the stories. In that video, you seems to be having fun with them but the video you've made seems like you're saying people you've met while you're in LA are fake. That does hurt as a friend though. If you didn't meant by that, you should have specified it to a certain people or just saying that you're the only one who felt that way, just like Weylie from ilikeweylie who was calm enough to be stating how she felt about herself being caught up and felt miserable for not having a thigh gap or like Cameron Diaz stated that fame isn't everything from the movie of HUMAN which I would list it down below. What is really important is that what reflects on us is our own personality, how we see things, how we do things and how we treat people. Also, I know that you are an influencer, that your words will make a change in this world, and you're a vegan which that's a BONUS! It amazed me that you took the time to delete most of the photos from your Instagram account and reedit the captions on it that make people realise about the truth behind those pictures. I really hope that you will change the way you look at things by improving yourself for your own good and not comparing it to others. Just do what's best for you because you have choices as a influencer. You have the rights to choose the things that you want to promote or the things you want to do that will help other people as well. You have such privilege to be heard, you can just be yourself, you don't have to look perfect with thick makeups in your pictures or videos because your words matter. You have the privilege that you can just encourage more and more people into becoming a vegan by uploading a picture or video. Not everyone can do that including me, but YOU, you can, especially NOW when you have even more subscribers and followers, even more people who will hear you. Isn't that a waste if you just stop at this moment because you have such a long way to go, to help us, the animals and even the world one day, who knows? I know that it would be hard if you come back now, that there will be many people who will be judging you after that, but who cares when you might be one of the people who change the world to be a better place? Just a reminder that if you reactivate your Instagram, your Twitter and YouTube, your message would be heard easier compared to your website that you are using right now because not everyone has the time to go on to your website just to see whats new. That's just a suggestion. :)

If any of you have an opinion on this or just any inspiring videos to share, just comment down below and spread the love. No hate!

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