Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Best of 2015 | Style Me Chummy

2015, the year that I started  a new journey in life, the birth of Style Me Chummy. Technically it was on 31st December 2014, and its exactly a year from today. Happy Birthday I guess? 

Some people would say," what will change a person in just a year actually? Nobody will change in such a short period of time" I was one of them. I was one of them who always write down my new year resolutions but never achieve half of them. Although I still didn't achieve half of my new year resolutions this year, but I did start one of the biggest one, which is created Style Me Chummy. 

This particular step had actually changed my life I would say, because it created some amazing opportunities for me in the fashion industry. I got to attend KLFW, which is one of the biggest dream of mine since I first watched a fashion show while I was just shopping at a mall with my dad at the age of 10 I believe. Since then, I always dream of getting a chance to attend at least one fashion event, and I got lucky this year, it is an experience I will never forget.

I had one of the best birthday this year which got me realised that my friends actually appreciate my existence because I am one of those who always think that I'm not really important in my friend zone. Thank you so much for such an amazing memory you guys made for me. 

I also did loads of things that I would never ever think of I would have done, which is not on my resolutions. I drove, seriously, I drove. Who would have think to drive when she was just a kid? I would have never. And thanks to my mom, who got me a car of my own, which I'm very thankful for because it had made my life so much easier to attend classes everyday, to drive my grandma around for shopping and stuff. 

I've also become a vegetarian, which I would never thought I would be. Although its only been a month or so, but I know deeply that I will be continue this lifestyle forever in this life, and I want to become a vegan in the future. Many people asked me, why would I be a vegetarian. I always don't know how to answer them. I will answer you when I strongly believe why I become a vegetarian. And one of them is because I want to be a vegan in the future, therefore I'm starting it by becoming a vegetarian. 

So much had happened to people around me this year, which had opened my eyes on how unpredictable life could be. We should always leave our past behind and always look forward on what life brings us. This things that happened made me grow as a person. I've learned that there is no point for us to care too much of ourselves, to the point of being selfish and never think of others. I've learned that no matter how rich or how poor you are, if you don't have a good personality in you, you are worthless in being a person. Your fate is in your hand, it depends on how you live your life. Did you live your life fully by having a luxury life, or did you spend time on trying to help people around you? You will know it yourself. 

One of the most bizarre thing tat happened to me is I failed one of my subject in my course, which I had to take "Leave of Absent" for about half a year. I know, its crazy for me. But I've got the chance to learn a lot during the period of time in my religion wise, that I am really grateful for. This had taught me that things happen for a reason. You will gain even tough you losses at the first place. Maybe its fate. Just remember that it's ok for you to fail, its not the end of the world, there are so much more opportunities waiting for us out there, that life gets better when you believe in yourself. If this didn't happened, I would have never had a chance to improve myself in the way that I wanted to.  

Life is too short for us to be wasting time. Do the things that you've always dream to achieve, as long as its align with humanity and morality. Thank you 2015, although I had so many extreme ups and downs moment, but it made me who I am today. There goes my teen years, Happy New Year lovelies!

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  1. Ooooh what a nice recap, and it was a good post to read upon stumbling to your blog. Can't wait to see what this year has in store for you!

    1. Thank you! :) and i can't open your links though.. :(

    2. I think something is funky with your blog set-up because the link works every else, but just not your blog! You can just copy and paste it into the browser tab to explore my blog xx

    3. Love your blog!!! Just subscribed you on bloglovin

  2. You have a blog too! I watch your YouTube videos lol,your blog seems awesome! :)